In order to answer most of the common questions we receive we’d like to provide some information below!


What is Complete SpeedRuns?

Complete SpeedRuns is a charity gaming marathon that focuses on 100% speedruns to showcase more content!¬†CSR is the world’s first charity speedrunning marathon to focus on 100% speedruns, but we are also allowing other speedruns as well so feel free to submit your run! After receiving comments and requests from gamers to have more 100% runs during a marathon we wanted to bring something different to the table…and CSR was born!

We also wanted to be sure and showcase the games and the speedrunners because, after all, those are the two elements that make this event successful! By focusing on the games and runners, we are able to provide an entertaining experience for the viewer and hopefully raise a lot for the specified charity to make as great an impact as possible!

Where can I watch?

You can watch on our home page at or via the CompleteSpeedRuns Twitch account.

Do I have to travel anywhere to participate?

NO! We wanted to make this available to everyone and we realize that many runners do not have the ability to leave their homes and take days off from their daily lives so we have it set up where you can participate from the comfort of your own home, at a friend’s house or with a group of your local friends!

I want to do some speedrunning!

Excellent! Anyone can take part! Just send an email with the game you want to run, a video of you running the game and a brief explanation why you think this would be a great addition for our event. Send all emails to and we’ll review all applications and create a schedule that will provide a broad, yet awesome, lineup. Submissions will be open until 14 days before the event starts.

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What happens if I’m a speedrunner and I get sick and can’t take part?

Great question! We’ll have runners on standby should you not be able to participate if you were selected but we require 24 hours notice from your scheduled start time. Failure to do so may result in a temporary or permanent ban from future events.

Can I volunteer?

Of course! We are taking applications for hosts, tech support and logistical support. Email for more details.

When do you post the schedule?

We post the schedule 10 days before the scheduled event. Since all speedrunners don’t have to travel it allows for a more flexible schedule. If you’re a speedrunner you’ll know well before the 10 day final schedule posting what time you’ll be running as we’ll be filling the schedule as we continue to get submissions.

Where can I donate?

We will have links on our home page and Twitch page during the event. All donations will go directly to the charity. Like other marathons, there will be a section for comments and we’ll read some of these comments during the marathon. While we can’t read them all, we’ll try to read as many as we can.

Can I donate a prize?

Absolutely! Email us at with your item.

How did you get 7 Nintendo Switches?

We are planning on buying them when they release. Nintendo has repeatedly stated that demand will be met. If we can’t get 7 then the winners will receive one during the next available shipment.

How did I register to get a Nintendo Switch?

Every donor and runner each day are entered automatically to win a Nintendo Switch!

Why is it the world’s first?

Because it says so on the homepage!

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us via email at or Twitter @CompleteRuns


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